Our delicious popcorn is popped hot and fresh before EVERY SINGLE SHOW. We carry all the classic movie house candies, not to mention a gourmet selection of locally-sourced and specialty treats. And at the State, we have fountain Coke products, locally made Northwoods Soda, and a Michigan favorite, Vernors. You won't find ridiculously high prices or stale popcorn at the State and Bijou! Top of the line pop and popcorn for as little as $2 — we're here to make your concessions dreams come true.


Cooked in coconut oil and naturally gluten free, the aroma of our premium popcorn is so irresistible that it brings people in from Front Street for unplanned snacks. Customize your expertly popped corn with our seasonings including seasonal and movie-themed offerings, plus our personal favorite, Lawry’s Seasoned Salt (seriously, it's not just for steaks). Mix and match. Shake to your heart’s content. Find that perfect blend. And did we mention our corn is popped fresh for every single show? You’re always guaranteed a hot and delicious bucket at the State and Bijou.


Our fountain drinks are fizzy and fine, mixed for optimal taste by soda lovers with finely attuned palettes. Featuring Coca-Cola sodas galore and locally made Northwoods Soda (we even have a rotating seasonal flavor), we have everything you can dream of. And we are never opposed to accommodating interesting soda requests. Half Coke Zero/half Cherry Coke? Easy. Fanta/Sprite/Lemonade? Of course. 

We also offer a rotating selection of bottled beverages including Pelligrino, iced tea, and juices. For hot beverages, try our Higher Grounds Coffee, selection of teas, and Good Harbor Hot Chocolate (available with whipped cream!)


We know your favorite movie candy is essential to the filmgoing experience.  You're not the only one who mixes Goobers with popcorn. That’s why we stock a wide variety of the sweet and the sour, the chocolatey and the fruity, the old and the new. 

Best of all, you can indulge in the culinary delights of the Grand Traverse region through our partners' offerings: Grocer’s Daughter dark chocolate bars, Benjamin Twiggs Cherry Sour Balls, Erg! energy fruit and nut bars, Sweet Asylum Stix & Stones Smokin’ Good Snack Mix and Cocoa Mojo Almonds, GreeneTown Foods Apple Chips, and Cherry Stop’s proprietary State Theatre Mix of dried fruits and nuts. We're just glad we don't have to decide for you.


Our concession stands feature rotating seasonal offerings like hot mulled cider in the fall and freshly brewed iced tea in the summer, and we cook up special offerings for films and events, like Han Solo Rolos and Wookie Cookies during “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” astronaut ice cream for “The Martian,” trail mix during “Wild,” our very own Mendl’s Morsel for “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” and nonalcoholic White Russians at “The Big Lebowski.” 


Small $2.00
Medium $4.00
Large $5.00

Small $2.00
Medium $3.50
Large $4.00
Bottled Beverages $3.00

Medium (Medium Popcorn & Medium Drink) $6.50
Large (Large Popcorn & Large Drink) $7.50
Couples (Large Popcorn & Two Medium Drinks) $9.50

Candy & More
Candy $3.50
Local Delicacies $3.50

Kids Menu (available at 25¢ Kids Matinees)
Small Candy $1.00
Juice Box 50¢
Kids Combo (Popcorn, Juice Box, Fruit Snack) $3.00