FAQs Does Anybody Have Any Questions?
How do I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets for both theaters online and in person at both box offices. The State and Bijou box offices open one hour before the first show of the day. You can call the box offices: State 231-947-3446, Bijou 231-486-5222.

How do I get my tickets if I buy online?

You'll receive an email confirmation of your purchase (add tickets@stateandbijou.org to your address book so the email does not go into your junk mail folder). It will remind you what card you used to buy the tickets. Bring that credit card with you to the theater. At the State, bypass the outdoor box office window and enter the lobby to use the will call window to pick up your tickets. At the Bijou, go to the front of the line to pick up your tickets. If you cannot bring the credit card used for the purchase, we can use the confirmation number from your email receipt.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. No refunds, exchanges, or exceptions.

What constitutes a senior?

Persons age 65 and over.

How about a student?

Anyone who is enrolled in school, college or otherwise, of any age.

What is a peace worker?

Peace workers get in free to regular films at the State and Bijou. Peace workers are people who work for peace through organizations like Veterans for Peace or the Peace Corps, or by otherwise actively working to resolve violent conflict, prevent the rise of new conflicts, and rebuild societies damaged by war. Active duty military and their immediate families also get in free.

Is seating reserved or general admission?

Seating is general admission unless specifically noted, as with Met Opera Live in HD shows. View the State seating chart and the Bijou seating chart.

When do tickets become available online?

We put tickets on sale as soon as the films have been booked and we have a confirmed schedule. In the movie biz, weeks run Friday through Thursday, so decisions about feature films for Friday are made on Mondays. We aim to have tickets for our weekly feature films on sale by the Tuesday before a film starts, while tickets for special films often go on sale much further in advance. If you don't see the tickets you're looking for, check back in a couple of days.

How long do you keep your feature films?

Most people think that theater owners get to decide what films they show, and how long they hold those films, but in fact, the distributors decide both of those things. Every Monday we talk with our booker and negotiate with distributors, hoping to bring in the best films, and trying to hold them long enough for everyone to have a chance to see them, but not too long that our patrons have no options for seeing new films. We keep our Wait for the State... and Bijou, Too! list updated so that you know what we're working to bring to the theaters next.

Why do you show big films like "Star Wars" at the Bijou, and not at the State?

When Barry Cole bought the State in 1996, with plans to turn it into a performing arts center, he signed a deed restriction saying that no movies could be shown in the theater until 2021. Armed with letters of support from the Governor, Marsha Smith, the Mayor, and several others, Michael Moore and his agent Ari Emanuel visited Carmike headquarters and asked them to relax the deed restriction, so that we could reopen the historic downtown building. Carmike agreed to let us show movies that open on 200 screens or less before they are released on DVD, which effectively limits us to showing small, independent films. As a frame of reference, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" opened on 4,134 screens.

Can I do an event for my nonprofit at the theaters?

Very likely, yes! Email info@stateandbijou.org with details on your organization and event idea, and we'll tell you how it works.

How do I suggest a film I'd like to see?

We'd love to check out films you're excited about. Email info@stateandbijou.org.

Can I show my film at one of your theaters?

Contact info@stateandbijou.org with information on your film and we'll take a look.

Can I rent the theater for an event?

We're not in the rentals business — we're here to show movies. But from time to time, especially at certain times of the year, we are able to work something out. Contact info@stateandbijou.org with details and we'll let you know what might be possible.

Can I put a message on the marquee?

If you are willing and able to make a donation to the theater, then very likely, yes! Contact info@stateandbijou.org with your request (message and date), and we'll get back to you.

What are Baby Day screenings?

Once a month, we turn the State over to one of society's most big-screen-movie-deprived groups: the parents and caregivers of infants and young toddlers. At specially designated screenings of our first run features, we leave the lights up a bit for nannying or nursing, turn the sound down a bit to protect little ears, and if your baby starts crying, talking, or burping, no problem, you're among friends. Please note that these screenings are not films for children, but rather a screening of our feature film for that week. Babies are free, everyone else is $5.50.

What is BFF Night at FNF?

Once a month we take a break from the often testosterone-heavy nostalgic favorites and new releases that dominate the State’s Friday Night Flicks series in favor of something, well, a little more girly. Join us as we celebrate the best rom-coms, teen flicks, love stories, and movies featuring badass heroines with special prizes, fun, and surprises.

What is Record-Eagle Night?

Once a month, we recognize our valued sponsor and partner, the Traverse City Record-Eagle, and the importance of being part of the community conversation by reading our local daily newspaper. On Record-Eagle night, you can get in free if you bring in four State and Bijou ads clipped from the Record-Eagle. The paper often brings free copies for all attendees, and sometimes we even do newspaper trivia for prizes before the show. Thank you, Record-Eagle!

What is your internet order processing fee?

We're paying for our new website's enhanced online ticketing with a $1 per order processing fee for regular tickets, and a 50¢ fee for free and 25¢ ticket orders. If you order tickets online, you get to go right to the front of the box office line when you get to the theaters, because it's fast and easy for our volunteers to print out your tickets using your credit card. So, you can purchase tickets in person at the box office without any fee, or enjoy the convenience of ordering online for a small fee (substantially less than other online movie convenience fees, which are as high as $2.50 per ticket at Fandango).