Assistive Devices

State and Bijou box office volunteers are happy to help with assistive devices during your visits to our theaters.

Infrared Sound Amplification

Sound amplifying headsets that work with infrared hearing assistive technology are available for all films and events at the State and Bijou.

Sony Entertainment Access

Sony Access Glasses are lightweight, see-through eyewear that allow moviegoers to see closed caption text seemingly superimposed onto the picture on the screen — it's a natural subtitled movie experience. The system also has an audio assist function, which provides a description of the action on screen to moviegoers who cannot see the film. We can provide headphones, or you can bring your own. The system works with select new release films that have been properly enabled by the distributors. Look for the Sony Access Glasses icon on our film pages, calendars, and ads.

Contacta InfoLoop

People who use hearing aids equipped with telecoil can listen to movies on the main floor of the State Theatre using their hearing aids! The movie's audio track is transmitted directly from the theater's sound system to the hearing aid, significantly reducing background noise and making sound clearer. The State's Contacta InfoLoop system was generously donated by Dr. Sandra Leahy and Dr. Kathleen Sawhill of Hearing Solutions of Northwest Michigan. For more information, visit or call 231-922-1500.