Top 7 Things You Don't Know about State and Bijou Volunteering

We've always depended on the kindness of volunteers...

1. Our Volunteers are Some of the Luckiest Volunteers on the Face of the Earth

Volunteering at the theaters unlocks a whole new way to experience the movies including some exclusive perks:

  • Free unlimited popcorn & soda while you work!
  • A movie voucher to see a film for free -- you can even use extra vouchers to bring friends with you!
  • Exclusive invitations to volunteer parties and events!
  • Work with awesome people, and forge unique friendships
  • ​And another little token of our appreciation: if you drive downtown to volunteer, we help a bit by offsetting parking costs in the Hardy Deck by $1 per car per day used to transport volunteers

2. Signing Up is as Easy as Pie

Let's face it, computer stuff isn't for everyone. But don't let that keep you  from volunteering! If you would like to sign up for a volunteer shift, but want to do it the old-fashioned way...just ask! You can call or email us any time. Any of our managers will be happy to sign you up both in person at the theaters or over the phone. Or you can simply reply to the weekly open shift email directly, and not bother with the whole pesky login process. 

  • No need to create a volunteer profile!
  • No need to remember yet another password!

3. You've Got a Scheduling Assistant in Us

Want to work the same shift each week or every month? We think that's awesome! In fact, we think that's so awesome, we'll do the work for you. Join our Recurring Volunteer program, and we'll automatically schedule you or your group, and send you an easy reminder confirmation. Let's say you want to volunteer every other Saturday afternoon before 5pm... just let us know! We'll keep you on our permanent schedule for that general time frame and confirm a schedule with you in advance of your shift, after the movie show times are set. Can't make it some weeks? No problem! Just let us know.

  • No need to login each time to sign up for your regular shift!
  • Everyone will know you have a specially reserved spot on the team!
  • Receive a helpful reminder email with the exact time of your shift!

4. Friends and Family is What We're All About

If you want to work with people you know, but worry that it might be hard to coordinate everyone signing up before the shift is filled by other volunteers, fear no more! Thanks to an exciting development in our volunteer system, you can now sign up as a group! The Group Sign-up feature allows individuals to sign up several people at once for a shift. If you want to use this feature, please just let a manager know. 

  • Those who volunteer together, stay together!

5. Referrals Bring Great Rewards

If you've volunteered before, and you have a friend, co-worker, or family member who talks about trying a shift at the State or Bijou, now is the time. Maybe they are a little intimidated or don't know what to expect. Maybe they think it might prove too difficult. Or maybe they've just never gotten around to take the plunge. Whatever the reason, we know that once they try it, they'll be hooked! So we're giving you an official reason for you to bring that friend to volunteer -- we're making February "Bring a Friend to Volunteer Month." Just let us know that you'd like to participate by hitting reply. We'll sign you up together and give you both some special rewards!

  • You'll both get a TCFF sticker & water bottle!
  • And that's in addition to the usual volunteers perks (popcorn, pop, movie voucher)!
  • Your friend won't need to create a volunteer profile ahead of time -- the manager on duty can help with that, when you both arrive!
  • We'll both get the personal satisfaction of knowing that you were right: your friend will love volunteering at the State and Bijou!

6. Double Feature Movie and Volunteering Nights Can Win You Friends and Influence People

If you're planning to see a movie at one of our theaters, and want to pick up some perks and do some volunteering at the same time, we are now offering Split Shifts for specific shows -- watch the movie and pull a short volunteer shift before and after the show. For a movie-loving, community-conscious couple, it's time-efficient, and it makes a perfect Date Night activity! Just look for "Split Shifts" on our volunteer website, or ask a manager to sign you up.

  • Enjoy the usual volunteer perks (popcorn, pop, voucher)!
  • Watch a cool film, have fun interacting with your fellow moviegoers, and feel good about helping the State and Bijou!

7. We've Got Perfect Volunteer Experiences for Every Personality Type

If you like to clean, ask us about the Shine Team! If you like kids and early mornings, ask about our Student Screenings! If you like a challenge and enjoy helping people, become a State Theatre Boxer! Since so many of our box office volunteers are snowbirds, we have several new openings in the box office schedule. This is the only volunteer position which requires special advance training, but if you're ready to learn, we're ready to train you! Just hit reply if you're interested in one of these special positions.

  • Enjoy the usual volunteer perks (popcorn, pop, voucher)!
  • Boxers get to chat with downtown visitors, sharing recommendations and directions, and handing out dog treats!
  • Boxers also get a birds-eye view for the best people-watching in town, from the finest perch on Front St!

If something here has sparked your interest and you'd like to try a shift, if you have any questions, or if there is anything we can help with, please ask! Just reply to this email or give us a call at 231-534-4796. Or to sign up online, just go to

We recently hit our nine-year anniversary since reopening the shining beacon of Downtown TC that is the State Theatre. In those years, our nonprofit theaters have brought over a million people downtown, screened thousands of great films, hosted too many free and low cost community events to count, and helped hundreds of nonprofits. All of this has only been possible because of our incredible volunteers. They not only make things run -- they truly put our small town theaters on the national map. We hope you'll consider joining us at the State and Bijou. It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

See you at the movies!