Mike's Letter


From time to time, I send you a personal note, urging you to take a chance on a little gem of a film that you may not be on your radar. 

The latest of these movies I want you to see is not a "little" film. It's a big budget Hollywood blockbuster -- and that alone may be keeping some of you who, like me, prefer the more artistic, layered, and auteur-driven films. Oh, and it's full of superheroes.  It's called "Thor: Ragnarok." This is the last thing us lovers of French cinema and intense documentaries want to see, right? 

Wrong! This is one of those moments where I will ask you to once again step out of your comfort zone and try something that every bone in your body is saying, "Are you kidding, Mike? I don't have time for escapist drivel. I've got fair trade coffee beans to grind!" 

I'll be honest -- before I saw this movie, I was disappointed that we didn't have a better option to bring to our theaters. It's been a tough year for "just great movies." There aren't as many as usual in 2017 and I refuse to put mediocre fare on our screens. But then I saw this new "Thor" -- and, wow, THIS is just a great movie! 

It's truly hilarious, in the I-haven't-laughed-this-hard-since-Jared-was-appointed-to-bring-about-Mideast-peace kind of hilarious. It's funny in the smartest possible way. If you like to laugh, this is your movie.

Plus, Cate Blanchett is in it! And after my friend Mark Ruffalo was kind enough to Skype in to the State Theatre this month to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of our re-opening, the least we can do is come see him in his new movie (he plays The Hulk in "Thor" -- yes, I'm asking you to see a movie with The Hulk in it!).

So throw caution to the wind, put on those bright colored shoes you're afraid to wear and make your way down to the Bijou by the Bay. I'm only showing it until next Wednesday ("Coco" opens Thanksgiving Day), so don't miss this opportunity to see one of the better films of the year. And if by some chance you hate this movie, I'll give you your money back along with a free box of Goobers. Me giving out free Goobers? THAT never happens! That's how sure I am you'll have a great time at this film. 

Hope to see you at the movies here in TC over Thanksgiving weekend!


Michael Moore