Mike's Letter


Today we are holding over for one last week, Woody Allen's "Cafe Society" at the State and Matt Damon in "Jason Bourne" at the Bijou. Two smart, entertaining summer films that have done well here in Traverse City, so we thought we'd give the rest of you who haven't seen them a chance to do just that. Both films must end next Thursday so don't miss your chance. 

Both theaters are nice and cool on these hot days, and where else can you get a pop or popcorn at the movies for $2?! And remember -- we don't show TV ads before the movies, just movie previews of coming attractions. We're a volunteer-run operation, and we're always in need of help, so give our volunteer coordinator a call (231-534-4796) or go online and sign up!

1930s Hollywood or the CIA trying to silence Matt Damon -- how can you go wrong? See you at the State! See you at the Bijou!


Michael Moore