The Assistant
Kitty Green
Run Time: 
87 mins
Julia Garner, Matthew Macfadyen, Makenzie Leigh

Jane (Julia Garner) is a junior assistant to a prominent entertainment executive, a man whose face we never get to see, though whose character is clearly inspired by the #MeToo testimonies surrounding Harvey Weinstein. There is nothing glamorous or rewarding about her job, yet she’s often reminded that any young aspiring film producer would kill to take her place. Over the course of 24 hours we witness as Garner’s superbly understated Jane faces a multitude of degradations and hostilities (from both men and women), which she continues to bear stoically. She quietly goes about her mundane tasks with an attitude of someone who is used to this type of treatment. Just when we think that nothing can be done about her growing discomfort in this land of self-importance, Jane takes action—and what follows is a fascinating depiction of the mechanics that lead to abuse of power. A tightly framed, quietly devastating, and intense portrayal of oppression in a workplace.

"'The Assistant' is a stealth bomb of a movie: It barely makes a noise but it leaves a crater in your heart." - The Boston Globe 

"You leave 'The Assistant' thinking about why some of us are invisible and some of us don’t notice — and about how evil lives in the places from which we look away." - Seattle Times

"Besides being the best American film of our new year, writer-director Kitty Green’s drama 'The Assistant' confounds expectations and has the strange effect (on me, anyway) of simultaneously chilling and boiling the viewer’s blood." - Chicago Tribune

"A quiet work with major ambitions, 'The Assistant' is a significant cultural statement in cinematic form." - Indiewire