The Baker's Wife with Chef Alice Waters

Includes Special Delectable Treat! 

Marcel Pagnol
Not Rated
Run Time: 
133 mins
Raimu, Ginette Leclerc, Fernand Charpin
Tickets for this special event are $10/$9 Members and include a special delectable treat prepared by our friends at Oryana that is inspired by the film and comes from Chef Waters' recipes.

Join us for a special Harvest Week presentation of a new restoration of this classic film of love, betrayal, forgiveness, and baking by French master Marcel Pagnol specially selected by and introduced by the legendary Alice Waters. 

"The Baker’s Wife" revolves around the centrality of bread for a small Provençal village. Marital discord between the baker—Orson Welles declared Raimu the greatest actor in the world for this role—and his wife (a role offered to Joan Crawford) becomes public business when it impacts the staple of the villagers’ diet. 

Behind Waters and her world-famous restaurant Chez Panisse is a coming-of-age story that took her to France where she was introduced to the films of Marcel Pagnol. Indeed Pagnol’s Fanny trilogy set the tone for her modest Berkeley dining experiment and gave it its name. Now, years later, and as a global spokesperson for real food and “edible education,” Waters presents "The Baker’s Wife," the most food oriented film of Pagnol’s opus, as part of her visit to Traverse City.