Celebration without Exploitation
Run Time: 
120 mins

The National Cherry Festival in collaboration with the Traverse City Film Festival, Traverse City Tourism, and Up North Pride will be presenting Celebration without Exploitation: Human Trafficking Awareness Seminar for Festival and Event Volunteers. The event will take place Monday February 25th from 5:30pm-7:30pm at the State Theatre. Pop, water, and popcorn will be provided. The free event will be open to the public and will be seated first come, first served.

The group welcomes Stephanie Krieger a Public Health & Public Safety Specialist who educates agencies in both the Rescue and Restoration of Human Trafficked Victims. As an engagement specialist, Krieger helps to bridge the gaps of communication in and between agencies, resulting in an enhanced & timely response. Krieger will take the two-hour event to educate the audience on human trafficking statistics, how to identify human trafficking, and why large events play such a key role.

“In training our staff and volunteers on what to look for and the proper channels of reporting we hope to take the next step to be part of the solution” said National Cherry Festival Executive Director Kat Paye. With the focus on targeting human trafficking surrounding large events being more prevalent than ever this group of Traverse City based events thought it would be beneficial to educate volunteers, staff, and public on the signs of human trafficking so we can all work to combat this horrendous crime.