The Hunting Ground

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Kirby Dick
Run Time: 
103 mins
Andrea Pino, Annie Clark, Claire Potter
Presented by Grand Traverse County Prosecuting, MI-National Association of Social Workers and Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center. Panel to Follow.

Fearless filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering follow up on their expose of sexual assault in the military, “The Invisible War,” by tackling the epidemic of sexual violence sweeping America’s campuses. Dick and Ziering drag the rape culture at American universities out from under the rug by cementing mind-boggling statistics (20 per-cent of college women are sexually assaulted) with the inspiring story of two UNC Chapel Hill student survivors-turned-activists who team up to start the organization End Rape on Campus. Andrea Pino and Annie Clark ingeniously employ a Title IX legal strategy to fight back against the institutional cover-ups, villainized victims, and skewed motivations that drive universities to turn a blind eye, and share their knowledge with a growing, unstoppable network of young women who will no longer be silent.


Kyle Attwood, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Amelia Siders Ph. D, Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center
Detective Michael Matteucci, Grand Traverse Sheriffs Department
Jordyn Marsh, Survivor and Founder of Voices.