Laurel & Hardy's March of the Wooden Soliders

I'm Dreaming of Holiday Classics

Gus Meins, Charley Rogers
Not Rated
Run Time: 
77 mins
Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Virginia Karns
Holiday Events

Also known as "Babes in Toyland." 

Stannie Dum (Stan Laurel) and Ollie Dee (Oliver Hardy) rent rooms in Mother Peep's shoe in Toyland. When Mother Peep can't make her mortgage payment to evil Silas Barnaby (Harry Kleinbach), he attempts to blackmail her into having Little Bo-Peep (Charlotte Henry) marry him, despite the girl's attachment to Tom-Tom Piper. Stannie and Ollie offer their assistance to Mother Peep, Bo-Peep and Piper, and later enlist an army of wooden soldiers to battle Barnaby's cave-dwelling bogeymen.