FREE Screening with Panel

Vanessa Gould
Not Rated
Run Time: 
93 mins
Bruce Weber, William McDonald, Margalit Fox
Presented by Grand Traverse County Senior Center Network and Golden Intentions. With panel featuring Jennifer Carroll, Editor and Ghost Writer at Mission Point Press; Nicole Westrick, Certified Pre-planning Consultant at Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral Home; and Nathan Payne, Editor at Traverse City Record-Eagle. Moderated by Kim Morse, Golden Intentions.

Whose obituary would you read first: the leader of the Soviet Union, or the inventor of the Slinky? Questions like this are part of the daily routine for the writers and editors of “The New York Times” Obituaries section, lovingly spotlighted in “Obit.” This deceptively lighthearted documentary takes us to the front lines of the world’s most lauded obituary section and explains, among other fascinating curiosities, how a word count is assigned to a human life, what happens when a public figure dies unexpectedly on a weekend, and which living celebrities have pre-written obituaries on file at the newspaper of record. Whether they’re writing about the bassist in Bill Haley’s Comets, JFK’s campaign advisor, or an infamous exotic dancer with bizarre connections, the Times’ obituarists are revealed as archaeologists of the people who shaped our world.