Everyone's Favorite Dog Who Just Won't Listen!

Stuart McDonald
Not Rated; PG Audiences
Run Time: 
95 mins
Shane Jacobson, Sarah Snook, Alan Tudyk

Oddball is an adorable sheepdog who just will not listen. He’s supposed to protect Farmer Swampy Marsh’s chickens from prowling foxes, but instead, his main pastime is tearing through town and knocking things over—he’s number one on the Warrnambool dogcatcher’s most wanted list. But when the oceanside town is threatened by potential closure of the penguin sanctuary that financially supports most of the town’s inhabitants, including Farmer Marsh’s daughter, Oddball becomes an unexpected hero. Turns out, Oddball does have a knack for protecting flightless birds, so long as they’re black and white. Grab the whole family and treat them to one of the sweetest, cutest films you ever will see, complete with an environmental message and (spoiler alert) a very happy ending. And the best part? It’s a true story!