Official Secrets

TCFF Audience Award Winner

Gavin Hood
Run Time: 
112 mins
Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Ralph Fiennes,

We think it’s about time someone told this story of the courageous real-life British secret agent you’ve probably never heard of. Katharine Gun (Keira Knightley) wasn’t expecting to come across a memo outlining efforts to blackmail and coerce UN Security Council members into voting for war with Iraq—but when she did she was faced with a choice: forget about it, or expose the truth. What follows is a tense political thriller about the aftermath of her attempt to make the info public. Risking her life and the deportation of her husband, Gun never backs down, even through a grueling trial for treason. Employing actual news footage and plenty of talented famous faces (Ralph Fiennes, The Crown's Matthew Goode and Matt Smith) this powerful exploration of government corruption and the bravery it takes to fight against it will captivate.

"The story Hood’s film tells is a vital one to revisit, not just because the deceptions it illuminates inform so much of the political and international morass affecting our daily lives, but also shows the power of a single act of moral courage, and it does so while being blisteringly entertaining cinema." - Observer

"Bloody hell, the Brits do low-key, paranoid procedural dramas like Official Secrets well, with a pervading chill and no flash: The crispness cuts like a knife." - New York Magazine

"A model of professionalism and energy, Official Secrets moves along at a brisk clip. It’s paced like a police procedural, but it focuses not on an investigator but rather a moral exemplar who takes a principled stand in defiance of the price that has to be paid." - Los Angeles Times

"Director Gavin Hood gives the proceedings a rousing electricity, and he’s aided by a cast which leans into the story’s urgency and continued relevance." - Screen International