Patti Cake$

Audience Favorite at TCFF XIII!

Geremy Jasper
Run Time: 
109 mins
Danielle Macdonald, Bridget Everett, Siddharth Dhananjay

Who could have guessed that the next hip hop movie to have all the buzz would be about a 23-year-old, overweight working-class girl from New Jersey? But that’s the magic of Patricia Dombrowski, a.k.a. Patti Cake$, for you. Her fierce talent is as unexpected as it is undeniable, and she’s not gonna let her Nana’s piling medical bills, fraught relationship with her alcoholic mother, the haters who label her “White Precious,” or her job in the diviest of dive bars stand in the way of her dreams of hip hop stardom. Along with a pair of unlikely collaborators—an Indian pharmacist/hype man and a black anarchist producer who lives in the woods—she’s determinded to seize her chance at life in the spotlight. It all builds to an epic showdown and mic-dropping finale that received not one, but two standing ovations at Sundance, cementing its status as the 2017 festival’s darling. Danielle Macdonald is an absolute revelation as aspiring rapper Patricia, bringing an infectious joy to every beat, every rhyme. This rousing underdog story, featuring 19 original songs, is the very definition of a crowdpleaser.

"It's too big-hearted and genuine not to love." - The Globe and Mail

"'Patti Cake$' winds up being a celebration of art, enterprise and self-invention that’s as tough as it is touching. At the risk of mixing metaphors, not to mention musical genres, it rocks." - Washington Post

"Danielle Macdonald is irresistible as Patti Cake$, a dreamer with ambition and talent and visions so glorious, liberating and uplifting that they make her walk on air. The final moments were euphoric enough to make me float out of the theater." - New York Daily News

"Macdonald is an absolute force as the twentysomething Patricia Dombrowski, who wakes up every morning determined and upbeat, even though her life path already looks to be a series of dead ends. " - Chicago Sun-Times

"It’s a real crowd-pleaser, and I hope a lot of people will be inspired by its mixture of grittiness and uplift. But it also demonstrates that showbiz go-for-it stories are more alike than unalike, even when they have a vivid countercultural vibe and feature actors who don’t conform to (Hollywood white male) studio ideals." - New York Magazin

"Ms. Macdonald is quite simply a revelation, capturing the reflexive self-confidence and defensive diffidence of the millennial generation with sneaky sincerity and offhand wit." - The New York Times

"The tone balances realism and optimism with the accent on the latter; ultimately Patti Cake$ has the kind of uplifting, defiant-misfit mood that’s easy to compare with fellow Sundance hit "Little Miss Sunshine." - Time Out New York