The Polar Express Pajama Party


Robert Zemeckis
Run Time: 
102 mins
Tom Hanks, Michael Jeter, Nona Gaye
Holiday Events
Kids are encouraged to don their PJs for a magical afternoon at our Sunday, December 16 Polar Express Pajama Parties! $7 admission includes a sleigh bell, cookie, cocoa, and holiday fun!

Based on the wondrous children’s Christmas story by Chris Van Allsburg, a disillusioned little boy just old enough to doubt the existence of Santa Claus has the adventure of a lifetime one fateful Christmas Eve. Clad in his pajamas, he climbs aboard a magic train to the North Pole, driven by a kindly train conductor (voiced by Tom Hanks.) Among myriad jaw-dropping moments, the train plummets brakeless through crystalline mountains in a simulated roller coaster ride. Going off the rails, skidding sideways, and snaking violently across a frozen lake, the train arrives at the North Pole (a vast, glowing city of brick buildings). At that moment, the car carrying the kids detaches and they’re sent tumbling down never-ending chutes and slides until they land in the middle of Santa’s Workshop.