The Princess Bride - Beer Mine Valentine's Party

Happy Valentine's Day!

Rob Reiner
Run Time: 
98 mins
Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin and Robin Wright
Holiday Events

It would be inconceivable to miss director Rob Reiner’s beloved (and highly-quotable) bedtime story that proves even death cannot stop true love. This enchanting fairy tale, complete with pirates, magic, swordplay, fire swamps, rodents (of unusual size), revenge, miracles, escapes and yes, even its fair share of kissing, will delight with wit and wonder. So if you are looking for an Valentine's evening filled with thrills and laughs and beer for purchase from The Workshop Brewing Company -- well, as you wish. 

Festivities include special treats like Peanut ButterCups, photo booth, and giveaways! What, you think this happens every day? $5 Holiday Special!