Ready Player One
Steven Spielberg
Run Time: 
140 mins
Tye Sheridan, Letitia Wright, Olivia Cooke, Hannah John-Kamen
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From cinematic game changer Steven Spielberg comes Ernest Cline's holy grail of pop culture. In the year 2045, people can escape their harsh reality in the OASIS, an immersive virtual world where you can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone-the only limits are your own imagination. OASIS creator James Halliday left his immense fortune and control of the Oasis to the winner of a contest designed to find a worthy heir. When unlikely hero Wade Watts conquers the first challenge of the reality-bending treasure hunt, he and his friends-known as the High Five-are hurled into a fantastical universe of discovery and danger to save the OASIS and their world.

"Dazzling in form and a chase film at its heart, 'Ready Player One' is exhilarating" - The Playlist

"A rollicking adventure through worlds both bleak and fantastic, Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One 'makes big changes to the specifics and structure of Ernest Cline's best-selling novel but keeps the spirit and level-up thrills intact." - The Hollywood Reporter 

"Make no mistake: This is Spielberg’s biggest crowdpleaser in years, a CGI ride that wields the technology with an eye for payoff." - Indiewire