Saint Frances: Now Streaming!

Support the State!

Alex Thompson
Not Rated
Run Time: 
106 mins
Kelly O'Sullivan, Charin Alvarez, Braden Crothers
As you are aware, the State Theatre and Bijou by the Bay are currently closed due to the global pandemic. And in these surreal and trying times independent nonprofit theaters not only need your support, but we all need the sense of comfort and unity great art can provide. That’s why Oscilloscope and the State Theatre and Bijou by the Bay have partnered to bring you one of the best films from the 2019 Traverse City Film Festival, where it one the Nora Ephron Prize, Saint Frances.


Though Saint Frances will not be available for rental or sale for several months, we wanted to make it accessible to you now, in congress with the State and Bijou, for home viewing. For the price of a movie ticket, Oscilloscope will email you a link to the film, which is viewable on any internet-connected device, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. (Instructions on how to view it on your television via AppleTV and Chromecast will also be available).

This is an experiment in ways to keep us connected to great film and the unique experience community arthouse cinemas provide. We are doing everything manually and we may run into some kinks along the way, so we appreciate your patience and understanding. More than anything, we appreciate your support!

This refreshingly honest and unapologetic dramedy feels like nothing less than a gift. Screenwriter/star Kelly O’Sullivan shines as the unsettled Bridget, a 34 year-old Chicagoan struggling with what to do with her life. Without a career to speak of and apprehensive about getting serious with the twenty-something she’s sort of dating, she ends up landing a job as a nanny. At first the six-year-old Frances has nothing but disdain for her new caregiver, and Bridget’s insecurities amplify as she finds herself awkwardly privy to the personal struggles of Frances’ moms. But when she finally wins the affection of a little girl who’s been raised as a fierce feminist, their friendship helps Bridget finally recognize her own self worth. A refreshingly candid and truly beautiful look at normally taboo “female issues,” this SXSW audience winner is the kind of intelligent and affirming filmmaking we all deserve.

How it Works: 
For $11.50*, the distributor Oscilloscope will email you a link to the film, viewable on any internet-connected device including laptops, tablets and smartphones (and if you have the appropriate technology, you may be able to stream it to your TV at home from your computer or phone).

You will have access to the film for 48 hours after the link is emailed to you.

The charge will appear on your credit card statement as "SP Oscilloscope Labs.” Oscilloscope will share a portion of your ticket purchase with the State and Bijou. 

*Please note this arrangement with Oscilloscope — in these especially unprecedented times — means we’re unable to offer member pricing.