Best Foreign Film Oscar Nominee! Palme d’Or winner!

Hirokazu Koreeda
Run Time: 
121 mins
Lily Franky, Sakura Andô, Mayu Matsuoka
In Japanese with Subtitles

Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2019 Academy Awards!

Kore-eda’s Cannes Palme d’Or winner is a heartrending glimpse into an often invisible segment of Japanese society: those struggling to stay afloat in the face of crushing poverty. On the margins of Tokyo, a most unusual “family”—a collection of societal castoffs united by their shared outsiderhood and fierce loyalty to one another—survives by petty stealing and grifting. When they welcome into their fold a young girl who’s been abused by her parents, they risk exposing themselves to the authorities and upending their tenuous, below-the-radar existence. The director’s latest masterful, richly observed human drama makes the quietly radical case that it is love—not blood—that defines a family. 

"The director, though, reaches in and steals your heart right in front of your eyes, like a magic trick, and you have to admit you didn’t even see it coming." - The Globe and Mail

"This wise and insightful film is delicate, poignant and unexpectedly powerful." - Los Angeles Times

"It is a movie made up of delicate brushstrokes: details, moments, looks and smiles." - The Guardian

"It’s impossible to experience the deep-seated compassion of this film and not be moved to tears." - Rolling Stone

"In the past, Kore-eda’s delicacy has at times enervated his movies. Here, though, the family’s toughness, thieving and secrets, its poverty and desperation, work like ballast on his sensibilities. In their grubby imperfections, Kore-eda finds a perfect story about being human." - New York TImes

"Every scene adds another onion-skinlike layer, adding density and mass so slowly that you hardly notice the emotional weight of it all until it is suddenly overwhelming." - New York Magazine

"A tender ensemble piece whose skillful performances dovetail into a perfectly symphonic whole, "Shoplifters" is a work of such emotional delicacy and formal modesty that you're barely prepared when the full force of what it's doing suddenly knocks you sideways." - Los Angeles Times

"At once charming and heart-wrenching, this exquisitely performed film will steal the hearts of both art-house and mainstream audiences." - Variety

"For all its gentle groundedness, a quality that suffuses much of Kore-eda’s work, Shoplifters strenuously resists romanticizing its main characters. Its compassion is more convincing for it. So is its brilliance." - Slate