The Sound of Music

$5 Holiday Special!

Robert Wise
Run Time: 
174 mins
Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker
Holiday Events

Who can resist the magic of this epic musical? And seeing it at the State Theatre is truly something special. First, you get to see the classic movie on the big screen in full beautiful Technicolor glory, and you can sing along with your fellow fans to every one of the wonderful Rodgers and Hammerstein songs.

Finally, we encourage anyone who wants to do so to come to the show in a SOUND OF MUSIC costume. We're talking nuns, Austrian schoolchildren, swanky Baronesses, lovely Liesels and even the occasional Rae a Drop of Golden Sun. We'll offer prizes for the best outfits, so put that imagination to work.

No matter how many times you may have seen "The Sound of Music" you have never experienced it like this before. So grab your ticket and get ready to "Climb Every Mountain" because we are sure this holiday family event will be one of your favorite things! Tickets $5! 

Widower Captain von Trapp needs yet another governess for his rowdy brood, and Mother Abbess has just the girl to whip them into shape: soon-to-be nun Maria. When Maria discovers the children share her love of music, it’s as easy as “Do-Re-Mi”… that is until her songs start to melt the Captain’s cold heart. But what about his pesky fiancé, Baronness Schraeder? Based on real-life von Trapp singers, and set in stunning Salzburg, Austria amid the rise of Hitler’s Third Reich, this Rodgers and Hammerstein musical set box office records and won 5 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.