The Thing
John Carpenter
Run Time: 
109 mins
Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, Keith David

Kurt Russell's beautiful beard captains the manliest of manly casts in John Carpenter's monster masterpiece of aliens, paranoia, and sub-zero temperatures. Twelve men have just discovered… something. For 100,000 years it was buried in the snow and ice. Now, it has found a place to live... inside the closest warm body, where no one can see, hear, or even feel it.

Flame throwers, gooey practical effects, Cthulhuian terror, claustrophobic dread, and glorious pillowy beards. This brain blast from 1982 has it all — and no equal. See it large and loud, with a gorgeous new tee in one hand and, preferably, a tall glass of scotch in the other.