The Trip to Spain

They're Back!

Michael Winterbottom
Not Rated
Run Time: 
115 mins
Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, Marta Barrio

Foodies who love to laugh will be in heaven with this third hilarious collaboration between British comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon and director Michael Winterbottom (“The Trip,” “The Trip to Italy”). As in their first two delightful films, sparring frenemies Coogan and Brydon escape their day to day lives for another assignment: this time they trade witty barbs as they meander across picturesque Spain, reviewing the most delectable food imaginable. They’re older now, as are we all, and they’re starting to feel it. At fifty-one, Brydon is a father, and Coogan clings to his role in the Oscar-nominated “Philomena,” still name dropping Dame Judi Dench. Peppered through the duo’s existential exchanges are impeccable impressions of celebrities including Mick Jagger, Roger Moore, Paul McCartney, and all the classics like Caine, Pacino, and Connery. Bring your appetite for laughter, and stock up on some tasty concessions, because this thoroughly entertaining foodie road trip comedy is sure to make you very hungry.

“Director Michael Winterbottom hasn’t just delivered the funniest movie of the year, but also a comedy that casts its characters in a harsh new light.” - IndieWire

"Brydon and Coogan are the same gifted improvisers they’ve always been, shooting the breeze until it sweeps them into some absurd playacted scenario." - The Playlist

"What’s different this time around is how frequently these largely improvised conversations (between actors Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, playing fictionalized versions of themselves) veer into the abyss of impending mortality." - Washington Post

"The dimension of humanity only buttresses the humor." -