Announcing the Launch of Reel Reads!

Are you a book lover as much as a movie lover? Do you enjoy comparing and contrasting books to their film adaptations? Do you and your book club make plans to come see all the movie versions of books you've read? Do you want to have a thoughtful discussion about a movie you've just seen? Well then Reel Reads is the ticket for you!

We are exciting to be partnering with the incredible Traverse Area District Library to bring you an ongoing series where following a select screening during the runs of certain film, you can hang tight following the movie for an insightful book-club style discussion led by TADL staff. 

We're kicking things off with Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of the Agatha Christie classic "Murder on the Orient Express." Join us on Sunday, November 19 at the 1 pm showing to see the movie and enjoy a very special discussion afterwards. How did Branagh do adapting the film? Christie fans won't want to miss it. 

And if you've already seen the film and would still like to participate in the discussion, simply arrive at the State around 3 pm and you can join in on the fun. No ticket needed! And stay tuned for upcoming announcemnts about the next movie to be featured in the series. Potential candidates include titles like "12 Strong," "A Wrinkle in Time," and "Ready Player One."