It's about time that Art House Theaters, we bastions of art, tastemakers and trendsetters, and leaders in the field of film appreciation, get our own day of celebration, right? After all, if it weren't for us you'd be home watching "The Real Housewives of Tulsa," right? So it is with great pleasure that we present a whole day celebrating our shared legacy with other art houses around the country, Art House Theater Day!

The festivities begin with "Miss Sharon Jones" at 3:30 pm, a tremendous documentary about soul singer Sharon Jones directed by Oscar-winning documentarian Barbara Kopple ("Harlan County, USA"). Next up at 6 pm is "Morris from America," a comedy about a young American teenager who finds himself marooned in Germany where his love of hip hop doesn't jibe with his new classmates. And lastly, we close with a film that, well...a film that fits the Art House Theater description better than any other: a brilliant, bizarre film about a shipwrecked man (Paul Dano) who finds salvation and rescue from the farting corpse of Daniel Radcliffe. Seriously. It's called "Swiss Army Man," and you'll just have to take our word on this one (oh, and there will be FREE beer samples from The Workshop Brewing Company before this screening, too.)

Now here's the best part; not only do you get to see these amazing films at our amazing theater, but State and Bijou Members get to see each film for FREE! And everyone gets in to "Swiss Army Man" for FREE! And when you come to "Swiss Army Man" you'll get a FREE whoopie cushion because why not? And we got door prizes all day, too! This event is shaping up to be better than Christmas. Don't miss it!