We're excited to open the based-on-real-life comedy/drama sports film this Thursday at the State (with showtimes continuing into next week). Back in 1973, washed-up tennis pro Bobby Riggs challenged reigning Women's Tennis Champion Billie Jean King to a televised match to prove once and for all who was better at tennis (and be extension, everything, we guess?), men or women.

The match, which aired on ABC on September 20, 1973, took place at the Houston Astrodome. It's regarded as one of the most watched televised sporting events in history - but only a few blurry minutes of the original match is available to watch on YouTube.

So who won the match, empirically proving that one sex is greater than the other? Well, we're not telling. Come and see the movie - starring Steve Carell as Riggs and Emma Stone as King - this week at the State to find out!