Check Out This Amazing "Zootopia" Concept Art!
If you haven't seen it yet, Disney's latest animated offering "Zootopia" (now playing at the Bijou by the Bay in both regular and select 3D screenings) is well worth your time.

What at first glance looks like just a kids movie is actually a pretty compelling police procedural. It's connecting with both kids at adults, but it's not doing so in that ham-handed way something like "Shrek" would with pop culture references and jokes that instantly date themselves.
And like all animated features it took an army of artists and designers to build the world in which the film takes place. Matthias Lechner, Art Director Of Environments for "Zootopia," has shared some amazing concept art from the film's production, including ideas and designs from earlier versions of the script before the story was finalized.

Make sure you check it out after you see the film!