Tonight at the Bijoy by the Bay we open the highly-anticipated film "The Girl on the Train"  (check out the showtimes here), based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Paula Hawkins. Many people have already read the book, either of their own volition or as part of a organized "Book Club" with friends and co-workers.

Penguin Publishing, the company responsible for publishing the book, has some wonderful Book Club discussion questions up on their website. And after you've seen the movie at the Bijou, here are some additional questions to augment your discussion of "Girl on the Train" at you next Book Club meeting:

  1. Having now seen the film and read the book, what are some differences you found between the film and the book?
  2. When you were reading the book you no doubt pictured the characters in your mind. How did the on screen portrayals match up with what you came up with?
  3. Who would you have cast in the film?
  4. Western civilization is known and celebrated for its mass transportation and railways in particular. Would this book and film have been better served with more trains?
  5. Had the girl in question not been on the train, how might have the story been improved or diminished?
  6. Had Johannas Gutenberg not invented the printing press in 1440, how might have the story been improved or diminished?

You're welcome!