We've got the must-see blockbuster movie of the summer (Wonder Woman, of course) at the State right now and we'll be holding it for a third week starting next Thursday! If you haven't seen it yet - and were maybe soured on DC superheroes after seeing the terrible Batman Vs. Superman from last year - we highly suggest you give this movie a try. This is the first superhero movie about a female superhero, and it's also the first superhero movie directed by a woman (bloggers are even proclaiming it the first superhero movie not directed through the lens the "male gaze," which is wonderfully refreshing.) Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress who plays Diana Prince (Wonder Woman herself) is a certified badass who does a lot of her own stunts! There's so much to unpack about this movie, so we suggest you get started with this handy primer from ScreenRant. And don't miss your chance to see it on the best screen in Northern Michigan!