We could not be more excited to open the newest offering from visionary auteur Wes Anderson, “Isle of Dogs” - coming to the State on Friday, April 13!

Set in Japan, in the fictional city of Megasaki, an outbreak of canine-related diseases causes a panic in the local populous. All the dogs are rounded up and banished to a nearby trash-covered island. But an intrepid local boy named Atari won’t rest until his beloved dog Spots is rescued, so he steals an airplane and sets off to find his best friend...

Like all of Anderson’s films, this one is composed of influences both well known and obscure, which you can read about here.

Also, did you know that Japan is known for having islands inhabited by droves of certain groups of animals? Check out Usagi Jima - ウサギ島 - Rabbit Island and Tashirojima - 田代島 - Cat Island. Oh, and even though it’s technically not it's own island, you should probably know about the Zao Fox Village, too.