The Sistine Chapel. War and Peace. Beethoven's 9th. These are some of the most reknowned works of art in the history of human creation, widely regarded as the best of what civilization has to offer. And now after a hundred years since the invention of motion pictures we can add another seminal accomplishment to the pantheon of creative achievement: The Room, a film from 2003 written, directed, produced, and starring a man named Tommy Wiseau. It is without a doubt the worst film ever made.

Never seen "The Room" before? We’ve shown it at the State a few times before. And in advance of a big-budget Hollywood feature about the making of "The Room" (it's called The Disaster Artist and stars both Franco Brothers) coming out next month - which, believe it or not, has legit Oscar buzz - we are screening "The Room" on Saturday, November 25 at 11:00 pm!

We’ll be joined by our friends at Workshop Brewing Company, who will be selling suds to drink while you watch the tale of love and betrayal and redundant establishing shots and green screens and tuxedos and footballs and spoons. And we’ll provide plenty of spoons, don’t worry.