Our Favorite Christmas Movies

From the candy canes to the carolers, here at the State Theatre we go all out for our holiday movies (I mean, have you seen our jam packed schedule?). And for our staff members, let's just say the holiday movie traditions don't stop at the theater. Ranging from tried and true classics to things a little more obscure (and a little less Christmas-y), here are some of our staff's favorite films to watch to make the yuletide gay. 

Betsy Emdin, Manager
We have quite a roster to pick from, but I'd say "Elf." Why? 
The revolving door. The "ginormous" toilet. The bibliotheraputic value of a children's book about the embarrassment of asparagus pee! (When Elf was released I was involved with a groups of writers of children's stories.)

Shout out to "The Polar Express" and it's tribute to Herpolsheimer's Dept Store, and the Santa train on which the Polar Express may have been based. This monorail that circled the basement of Herp's seems to be the favorite Christmas memory of every adult who grew up in GR during a certain era.

Joe Perkette, Projectionist
My favorite Christmas movie is ANY movie written by Shane Black that takes place during Christmas, which is pretty much all of them.

Ann Post, Manager
I love “It’s a Wonderful Life” because of the way George Bailey learns his life is worth living, an angel gets his wings, and it shows another Bijou. Every Christmas Eve, we would watch the last half of it, after getting the boys to bed. Later on, when I was able to see the whole movie, I cried even harder at the end :)

Louis Dickinson, Grinch/Scrooge
I have no favorite Christmas movie except the period uniforms in Hallmark's "Journey Back to Christmas" were really on point. 

Carl Stewart, Manager
It's "White Christmas" for me!!!
Because it's just about perfect... a holiday masterpiece on first or 41st viewing... a visual and aural treat of classic Hollywood filmmaking... the timeless music and title song (the highest selling single of all-time)... Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney at their best... Danny Kaye and Vera-Ellen tapdancing around a picture perfect soundstage marina ("The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing"), Crosby and Kaye in drag ("Sisters") plus great supporting performances from the likes of Dean Jagger and Mary Wickes... what's not to love!?!

Kristen Messner, Manager
I will always consider "Better Off Dead" to be my favorite Christmas movie, just as I will always have a mild crush on John Cusack.  This film has absolutely everything we loved about the eighties, as well as dancing claymation hamburgers. It is truly a sight to behold.

Meg Weichman, Creative Director
I love rom coms. I love Nancy Meyers. I love chunky sweaters and old Hollywood and exquistely decorated homes. And "The Holiday" has all this and more. Mr. Napkin Head forever!

Dan Cook, Projectionist
"It's all right, Children. Life is made up of meetings and partings. That is the way of it. I am sure that we shall never forget Tiny Tim, or this first parting that there was among us." - Kermit aka Bob Cratchit
"The Muppet Christmas Carol" was one of the last film's Jim Henson worked on.  He passed while this film was in pre-production. I love the idea that a man's heart can change to espouse kindness and bring togetherness to his staff.  Seeing Ebenezer's arch, gives one hope. 

Susan Fisher, Business Director
I like "The Santa Clause" because I was the same age as Charlie in the movie at the time, and white milk is never "fine." 
But I also love "Just Friends" because everyone in it is hilarious, and you should always "Be Yourself." 

Alan Collard, Building Manager
"Home Alone!" 

Linda Barry, Manager
"The Christmas Tree." I love Julie Harriswho plays an elderly nun and her special attachment to this tree. Watched it every year while the VHS machine lasted. A Disney film but could have been a Hallmark!

Gordon Fitch, Manager
I have two favorite Christmas movies and it's kind of a Jekyll and Hyde deal. I love "Elf" because it's so high-spirited, innocent, and funny all the way through. I also love "Bad Santa" because it's so cynically and naughtily funny.

Deb Lake, Executive Director
"It's a Wonderful Life