The Real Winners: State Oscar Party Attendees
oscar party 2016

Sure, you may have heard Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY won his Oscar this past Sunday (yaaaaaaaay! - you can check out his performance in "The Revenant" this week at the State), but the real winners were those who joined us at our annual State Theatre Academy Awards Party and/or entered our Oscar Ballot Contest! 

It was a night full of surprises (Mark Rylance for Best Supporting Actor, "Ex Machina's" underdog win for Special Effects, "Writing's on the Wall" for Best Song — to name only a few), and the competition went down right to the wire. It was a eight way tie for first place going into the last award of the night, Best Picture, but only one man proved victorious, Matt Price, correctly identifying "Spotlight" along with 19 other correct picks and winning a one-year All Access Pass to the State and Bijou. Oscar prognostication prowess must run strong in his family, because his wife was among the four people who tied for second place, winning free popcorn at the State and Bijou for a year. 

Whether you were at our soiree in person or just want to get a taste of the fun, you can check out the glamorous photos from Traverse City's own red carpet taken by John Robert Williams Photography