We're very excited to annouce the opening of Logan Lucky next Friday, September 1 at the State Theatre! It's the latest from acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's 11, Magic Mike, and Erin Brockovich, to name just a few). He's a terrific director that's not only helmed his own material, he's also known for assembling fan edits of well know classics in his spare time. What's a "fan edit," you may ask? It's exactly what it sounds like - a recutting of a film made by a fan for non-monetary purposes that isn't sanctioned by the original filmmaker or copywrite holder.

What kind of fan edits has Soderbergh done? Well, here's Raiders of the Lost Ark but in black and white and with all the dialogue removed and replaced with the soundtrack to 2011's The Social Network. Or how about an edit mixing both Hitchcock's and Van Sant's Psycho's? And he even tackled Michael Cimino's notoriously long epic western Heaven's Gate, cutting it down to a managable 1 hour and 48 minutes. You can see several other edits he's made over on his Soderblog.

Also, check out the t-shirts he has for sale. Some are pretty baller.