Top 5 Reasons to See THEIR FINEST at the Bijou This Week

If you haven't heard about the crowdpleasing gem opening today at the Bijou, we offer the Top 5 Reasons to enjoy it on the big screen this week!

1. It's an Incredible Story Based on True Events.

Most everyone loves a good World War II drama, but you know what people love even more? Witty and delightful World War II romantic comedies! This one is about filmmakers struggling to make an inspirational movie to boost morale during the Blitz of London, and boy, has it got a prickly lead scenarist, an upstart screenwriter brought on to provide a "woman's touch," and a past-his-prime pompous actor for you. Check out the trailer and see the schedule.

2. It's Garnered Glowing Reviews and Universal Acclaim.

"Beautifully cast, intelligently written and a gorgeously assembled range of beautifully gauged emotions about movies and war, one of the best films of a still-young 2017." - New York Observer

"One of the smartest, funniest and most surprising movies I've seen in years." - Wall Street Journal

"'Their Finest' delivers in a way that would please the Ministry of Information: it's rousing and emotional, there are laughs and tears, and it portrays people trying and, mostly, succeeding at being their best selves in the service of their country." - The Wrap

"This charming, rousing WWII romance is a film that openly stumps for two causes: the value of women in the workplace, and the power of cinema to tell stories people need to hear." - The Playlist

91 on Rotten Tomatoes! Listen to the perfect 3 minute summary of the film by Joe Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal here.

3. It's a Movie Made by a Woman About a Woman Making a Movie. 

At the 2016 TCFF last summer, we celebrated women filmmakers -- acclaimed director Lone Scherfig ("An Education," "Italian for Beginners") is one of the best. Her meta examination of this WWII story offers so much more than a token "woman's touch." Centering the film on female scriptwriter Catrin, beautifully portrayed by Gemma Arterton, she brings nuance, intelligence, and a range of beautifully gauged emotions to the character, whose path to self-renewal is an inspiring example of a talented woman forging her way in the workplace and world. 

4. The Cast!

Bill Nighy! You know him ("Best Exotic Marigold Hotel," anyone?)! You love him (where our "Love Actually" fans at?)! And here, he's at his scene-stealing best.

Add some serious chemistry between former Bond girl Gemma Arterton and Hunger Games fan favorite/"Me Before You" star -- the seriously adorable Sam Clafin -- and you've got all the ingredients you need for a true crowd-pleaser. 

And keep an eye out for a lot of incredibly talented heavy hitters who pop up, like Jeremy Irons, Eddie Marsan, and Richard E. Grant (trust us, you'll recognize them). 

5. It's Good Prep for the Release of DUNKIRK by Christopher Nolan.

The film being made in "Their Finest" is inspired by the stories of British civilians rescuing soldiers after the retreat at Dunkirk. So while the universe continues to wait impatiently for the July release of Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk," we can get another take on the crucial 1940 battle. Dunkirk is so hot right now!