It's our 100th anniversary this year, in case you didn't know. And while techincally the State has only been in existence since 1949, there has been a theater on this site since 1916 (The Lyric Theater, which burned down twice.) From July, 1916 through July, 2016, it's been a Century of Cinema in Traverse City! And in preparation for this year’s State Theatre Centennial Celebration, we're asking you to share your memories of our beloved theater!

If you have a funny or interesting story about something you saw or heard at the State Theatre, something that moved you, made you laugh, think, or cry, or an observation about how moviegoing has changed over the past 100 years, please take a moment to write down your story and email it to us at info@stateandbijou.org.

So what are your stories? Did you meet your spouse here? Have your first kiss in the balcony? Steal a projector in what you thought would be a harmless college "prank" that instead ruined the lives of dozens of people and resulted in the arrest, conviction (and one deportation) of all persons involved? That was you? Shame on you! But we still want to hear about it.