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A film about the importance of heirloom seeds to the agriculture of the world, focusing on seed keepers and activists from around the world.
The intimate story behind our changing relationship with death - with great songs!
Narrated by Academy Award® winner Matt Damon, "Boston: An American Running Story" tells the story of the oldest annually-contested marathon from its humble origin of 15 runners to the present day.
U.S. abortion clinics are fighting to survive. Since 2010, hundreds of bills have been enacted targeting abortion rights on a statewide level. Trapped follows the clinic workers, women, and lawyers on the frontlines of the battle to keep abortion safe and legal for the millions of poor and uninsured women caught in a political quagmire.
We are very pleased to host a simulcast of this year's TEDx Traverse City, being held live at Milliken Auditorium. The inspirational day will honor innovators who have passion, curiosity, creativity and adaptability to change the world with revolutionary ideas.